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5 foods to reduce belly, eat full stomach instead of rice

If girls think that eating rice makes them gain weight Today we will invite you to know 5 types of food that can be eaten instead of rice. It’s great for anyone who wants to drastically cut down on starches or carbohydrates. Most importantly, these 5 foods also

5 fruits to help you sleep easily Free both beautiful skin.

Every time insomnia occurs Often negatively affecting the body is inevitable. Especially doing activities during the day is not very effective. It also affects the mood as well. So if the girls have trouble sleeping. Today we will invite you to solve the symptoms by eating 5 types of fruits that

5 menus for pregnant people, delicious food

Mothers during pregnant naturally have a craving for spicy food, right? Today we have a menu that mothers can cook and still adjust the taste to suit their tastes well. Let’s see what’s on the menu. 1. Papaya salad, fried fish,fresh lotus leaves, cleaned well, mixed with papaya salad