What Are The Health Benefits Of Peanuts?

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Good for heart health The benefits of eating peanuts and preventing deadly diseases like heart disease are widely discussed. One study looked at 118,962 women and men over 20 years who had no previous history of cancer, heart disease or stroke. The results showed that the frequency of nut consumption was related to the death rate from various diseases. Especially heart disease. That is, the more frequently nuts are consumed. The lower the risk of death from coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction UFABET

Another study looked at the relationship between consumption of peanuts and other nuts and death rates in large groups of people in southern America and China. Using questionnaires followed for 5-12 years. The results found that about 72,000 Americans between the ages of 40. And 79 who regularly consumed peanuts had a 21 percent reduction in death over a 5-year period. While about 135,000 Chinese people aged 40 -74 years old had a 17 percent reduction in death rate. Both sample groups were controlled for other factors that may affect death. Such as smoking behavior, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Moreover, the differences in ethnicity and quality of life of the volunteers in the two studies are also interesting. This is because the first study looked at medical staff at a public health college who were more educated. And had higher incomes than the southern American volunteers who were mostly low-income. The consistent results may therefore indicate that ethnicity and Different quality of life is not a factor affecting death rates from heart disease. But it is a result of the consumption of various types of nuts. Including peanuts, which are cheap and affordable for people with low incomes.