What fruits are high in vitamin C?

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In this article, we have selected examples of fruits rich in vitamin C. Which are easy to buy and inexpensive in Thailand, types to give you ideas for choosing to eat fruits that are high in vitamin C as follows:


If talking about vitamin C Many people probably think of oranges first. 100 grams of oranges of different varieties will have different amounts of vitamin C. For example, tangerines may contain 20 milligrams of vitamin C. Cheng oranges may contain 46 milligrams of vitamin C. And honey oranges may contain vitamin C is high at 30 milligrams. Moreover oranges are also rich in essential nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamin A, calcium and potassium UFABET


Lemons in the amount of 100 grams provide up to 29 milligrams of vitamin C. The sour taste of lemons makes this fruit often used as an ingredient in many foods and drinks. Whether it’s a salad menu, papaya salad, seafood, steamed pork with lemon. To a drink menu like honey and lemon or desserts like lemon cake  


The sweet, juicy and sour taste of strawberries comes with a very high amount of vitamin C. 100 grams of strawberries may contain up to 66 milligrams of vitamin C. 

In addition to vitamin C Strawberries also contain other antioxidants such as polyphenols and Anthocyanins. Believed to be good for heart health blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels as well. 


Pomelo is a source of potassium, copper, vitamin B, and if you eat 100 grams of pomelo. You will get another 48 milligrams of vitamin C. You can eat pomelo as a snack. Or use it to prepare savory dishes like Som O salad or Miang Som O, which are quite interesting.    


There are many varieties of mangoes that are popularly eaten in Thailand. Each variety has different amounts of vitamin C. In 100 grams, ripe green mangoes may provide 25 milligrams of vitamin C. Ripe Nam Dok Mai mangoes may provide 15 milligrams of vitamin C. And Okrong mangoes may provide 13 milligrams of vitamin C.