Nutritional benefits of lemon.

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Lemon is one of the nearby citrus fruits that besides being used in cooking adds a sour taste. The fruit, peel, juice and oil of lemons have also used for a variety of medicinal purposes.

Iron deficiency 

Treatment of patients whose body does not absorb iron well leading to iron deficiency. Your doctor may recommend taking iron supplements along with vitamin C. This increases the body’s absorption of iron. It is thought that eating foods rich in vitamin C. Such as orange or lemon juice, may help prevent or treat iron deficiency. UFABET This results in the body absorbing iron from the various foods that are eaten well.

To relieve nausea.

 Cutting a lemon in half. Sprinkling with a little salt and squeezing lemon juice into your mouth is one of the popular tips for relieving nausea. But whether it is truly effective or not, there has not been any study on this aspect of lemons to confirm it. However, this method is a simple method that can be tried and is not likely to cause any harm if it is just general nausea that is not serious. But if you try it and it still doesn’t go away or you have abnormal symptoms. It’s best to see a doctor to check your symptoms. The same is true for many other diseases.

Kidney stones.

 Sometimes it is recommend that patients with kidney stones eat foods high in citric acid, such as lemon juice, in order to increase the level of citrate in the urine because it is expected that there will be citrate in the urine. Inadequate intake may increase the risk of kidney stones. One study suggests that drinking about 120 cc of yellow lemon juice per day can significantly increase citrate levels in the urine and may protect against kidney stones. This is consistent with another study that was conduct on male volunteers who had no history of kidney stones before. The results showed that drinking yellow lemon juice was also effective in increasing citrate levels in the urine. Both studies were studies using yellow lemons. which is a variety that can be found in many foreign countries