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Monthly Archives: September 2023

What fruits are high in vitamin C?

In this article, we have selected examples of fruits rich in vitamin C. Which are easy to buy and inexpensive in Thailand, types to give you ideas for choosing to eat fruits that are high in vitamin C as follows: Orange If talking about vitamin C Many

Nutritional benefits of lemon.

Lemon is one of the nearby citrus fruits that besides being used in cooking adds a sour taste. The fruit, peel, juice and oil of lemons have also used for a variety of medicinal purposes. Iron deficiency  Treatment of patients whose body does not absorb iron well

How to eat apple to be safe and healthy?

Apple is a fruit that can be eaten by all genders and all ages. You can eat the whole apple or drink it as juice. Polyphenols from apples may be safe for the body if consumed or applied to the skin in the short term. Importantly, you

What Are The Health Benefits Of Peanuts?

Good for heart health The benefits of eating peanuts and preventing deadly diseases like heart disease are widely discussed. One study looked at 118,962 women and men over 20 years who had no previous history of cancer, heart disease or stroke. The results showed that the frequency of nut consumption