Jones missed the chance to start for Liverpool after picking up injury 

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Famous guru Paddy Kenny believes Curtis Jones missed out on a key opportunity to secure a place in the Liverpool squad earlier in the season. After being referred to an injury and has not had the opportunity to play in the Premier League this season. According to reports from the UFABET.

The 21-year-old has had the opportunity to play in the game. Community Shield Before the start of the season, but after a long injury before returning to practice again at the end of last month But he had to suffer repeated injuries during training. Thus, until now, the News has not had the opportunity to play for the team in a single league game.

As a result, Kenny believes Jones may miss out on his place in the starting line-up and have a steady improvement compared to another youngster, Harvey Elliot, who has been playing steadily since opening. season onwards

“The last injury was severe and hurt Curtis Jones. He’ll know he’s missed a golden opportunity to secure his place in the squad. Liverpool are having trouble in midfield with Keita and Ah Oxlade-Chamberlain didn’t play the whole season.”

“Henderson didn’t play because of a hamstring injury, and Thiago just came back. But after the international break, Klopp will have more options and new player Arthur will be able to play.

“Look at Elliott holding onto the starting line while the seniors are injured. He is probably Liverpool’s best midfielder this season.”