El Rafa reveals former Liverpool manager failed to manage Everton

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Rafa Benitez, a Spanish coach who has been successful with Liverpool Football Club The former revealed to ufabet Sports that his record meant he was unable to manage Everton as planned when he was kicked out of Goodison Park after taking over. In just six months,

El Rafa led the Reds to three major trophies between 2004-2010 before taking over as manager. blue toffee in the summer of 2021 but parted ways with the Blues after just six months due to poor performance on the pitch, with Benitez telling the media he has no regrets taking the role with Red’s rivals. Machine, but admitted he could not decide on certain matters with Everton because of his past with Liverpool. The UFABET report

“When Everton made an offer to me. I know I will do my best and do everything to improve the team,” Benitez said. Able to decide on certain matters This problem was clear from the beginning.”

“I had a meeting with one of the team leaders. I asked him if everything was going smoothly. He replied yes, everything was going well. Instead, I think the team squandered 600 million pounds. How can it go smoothly when the owners of the club are not happy? Our fans weren’t happy.”

“I immediately realized that there had to be a change from within. But I couldn’t do it right away because I had been in charge of Liverpool before, they had the feeling that I was going to change the club.”

“With another team that is not them. I can make a difference in the club. I’ve done it in the past because I’m fully aware of the improvements that will happen, but with Everton I can’t.”