Conte confident Son can come back to score

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Spurs boss Antonio Conte remains confident that star player Son Heun-min will return to scoring. Although there are no goals this season.

The Premier League’s top scorer last season Starting this year with no goals scored in all eight games in all competitions, but Conte still believes his players will return to score.

“I’m sure Son is not satisfied with the results. because he couldn’t score a goal. It is normal to be angry with the current situation. It was something he wanted to change. because we need him He is the key player of the team. At the same time something like this could happen. Especially when you’ve been playing in a game that’s always been important. Mental states may be fatigued. as well as the body it is normal But I repeat that for me, Son has no problem at all. We are talking about one of the best two players in the team.” The UFABET report

“A player who has always scored a lot of goals. As the new season begins, it is often more difficult than before. When you can’t score Confidence must be reduced. And the strong players will be ready to deal with any situation that arises. and go beyond it Some game son may not play as a starting XI, Harry Kane will be in the same situation. But it was to protect him. We need to give him some rest. keep the strength And lead us to win back in the next game.”