Richarlison opens up about leaving Everton to join Spurs

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Spurs striker Richarlison has spoken about his decision to leave Everton during the transfer window due to the team’s lack of motivation. Focus on winning the championship

The Brazil star became a £60 million owner when he joined Spurs this season. After playing with Everton for a full four years, most recently he had an interview about choosing to leave the team. which he admits to having a very strong bond But choose to decide to leave the team

“It’s always difficult when it comes to a great relationship with your club. but you have to move out My case is the same. I am very happy with Everton. I learned a lot I am grateful for what I have received. And this is a team full of history. But maybe now the team is lacking in commitment. To win the championship and win it. I’ve been with the team for four years and I see that there is a long way to go to success. And that made me feel it was the right time to leave the team. And the club will get a lot of money from my transfer. It’s a good deal for everyone. Like me to face a new challenge at Spurs.” The UFABET report

“Last year it was a stressful struggle to survive the relegation. We have a lot of injuries. And the team wasn’t big enough to deal with it. I too have a problem. before the end of last season I’ve played in the Copa America, the Olympic Games and then the Premier League, I barely rested. and had to suffer a couple of injuries that year.”