Conte hails Dier ‘s continued development

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Spurs manager Antonio Conte has praised defender Eric Dier for having elevated himself to one of the best defenses in the Premier League . The UFABET report

Spurs remain one of the three clubs unbeaten this season. And the latest game, they have won another game from the home opener, slashing Fulham 2-1, putting them in the group at the top of the full table, with Dier starting all games and scoring 1 goal in this season.

“I think Eric has continued to make good progress since I came to work here. We’re talking about players who are committed and give 100 per cent in every game. He’s not a player who plays with great form. and later the form fell I think he maintains the continuity of his work well. And that allows him to play every game. And I can say that he is a good man. Always focus on your own work He knew that he could still improve. He wants to be better and is a top-level defender.”

“He continues to improve himself. Of course, playing set-pieces If he can score more goals then I will be happier. He is a tall player, very strong and it helps the team a lot when playing set-pieces.”

Spurs next game will see a big event with a trip to Manchester City.