Give away 7 great roulette formulas.

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Why do we give away a great roulette formula ? Because one of the casino games that has been popular for a long time and still dominates the hearts of players is online roulette. That can be considered as another fun game to gamble on numbers or red and black. It’s easy to play, just predict whether a round steel ball will fall or stop on a spinning wheel, which, if you look at it, is a simple game to play. But let me tell you that if any player who knows leading roulette formulas or techniques Come together with it will be able to make big money from online roulette is not difficult at all.สมัคร UFABET


1. Bet on red, black, bet on even numbers, odd

for this formula, it must be said that players have a chance to win up to 50/50 bets. And this formula is suitable for people who like to collect small mixes.

2. Longitudinal vest, two rounds one :

for this formula that will allow players to wait and see the game statistics, issue multiple numbers in the 1 st, 3 rd fields, alternately about 3-4 turns, such as 1 st , 3 rd , 1 st from Then start placing bets on 1 st and 2 nd with the same amount of money, if the result is 3 rd, that means that the bet loses, convert to place the chest at the 2 nd and 3 rd slots, but must increase the money by 3 times. For this battling one, which is primarily based on the 2nd streak. Switch 1st , 3rd st. But this formula can be considered that the player will have more chances and someone will use it and it will work. More than 95% ever

3. Bet on favorite numbers, bet on single numbers :

If you are a gambler who plays regularly, you will know that betting on single numbers 0-36, if it wins, will get a payout rate of up to 36 times. quite But for this trick, based on the experience of the famous Saints, they suggested that Steel balls tend to fall into the box number 0, which is the number that the dealer eats most often and rarely chooses to place bets. In addition, the results from the numbers in the 2nd row are also often issue. So the stats that a player should put is that. 5-8-14-17-29-32 But using this formula, players may need to have a lot of capital.

4. Betting on a set of 12 numbers :

Basically, in placing bets, it is divided into 2 ways. That is, 3 vertical sets, 3 horizontal sets. This formula, we recommend to bet in vertical sets, that is, there will be 1 st set. 12 ( 1-12) Set 2 nd ( 13-24 ) Set 3 rd 12 (25-36) This is because the over/under is more averaging than the horizontal set.

5. Half set bet on the roulette board :

by this formula. Which can be considered as a measure of the mind. Bet on the number in half Is to bet on set numbers 1-18, sets 19-36. And this formula can be considered as having a 50/50 chance of winning as well.

6. Over / Under :

Using this formula must start by looking at the statistics if the game is over 19-36 in 2-3 consecutive games and if it starts to follow the formula in the next game, players start betting. By choosing bets at 1 st, placing high 19-36, which if the result is high. It equals 1 time profit, but if 1 st is issued, it means a draw. After that, place the same bet again, but do not add money. If in this round is broken. Wait to see the game statistics. If it is high consecutively, 3 eyes are the same. When starting the 4th game, increase the money by 2 times, but if it loses again, wait to see the same and start doing the same again.  If this is the case, stop playing and try another formula instead.

7. Repeat formula:

For this formula, the player will have to wait for the repeat. For example, if the odd number has been issued 5 times in the next round. The player bets on the even number 50. If it loses, keep betting on even numbers. Compounding 100-200-400 until the correct stab Then wait to start a new game. By giving the same odd or even number consecutively again and again.