Arteta has explained why the 15-year-old was sent into the field

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has revealed the reason for the decision to send 15-year-old midfielder Ethan Enwanery to the pitch and become the youngest player in Premier League history.

The midfielder, 15 years, 181 days, has become a new Premier League record holder for being the Premier League’s youngest player, and of course Arsenal, given the opportunity to play in the first team. By playing in injury time against Brentford, Arsenal Raid defeated with a score of 3-0 back to hold the Premier League crowd successfully. The UFABET report

“It was a feeling that happened yesterday. I don’t know why The first day I met him, I looked at him and people around me only talked about him, Per [Mertesacker] talked about him, partly because of the injury of the player. So we have 12-13 players in the first team. And that’s why we decided to come into the team. it’s the first step first experience so have fun and congratulations.”

“It’s just the first step. And every step is not a single step forward. you can progress and step back or go back and move forward It has a fall. and when you can come back Football is like this It can happen to everyone.”

Previously, the record for youngest player in the Premier League was Liverpool’s Harvey Elliott at 16 years and 30 days, while Arsenal’s youngest player was recorded by Cesc Fabe. Rakas, at the age of 16 years, 174 days.