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Arteta has explained why the 15-year-old was sent into the field

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has revealed the reason for the decision to send 15-year-old midfielder Ethan Enwanery to the pitch and become the youngest player in Premier League history. The midfielder, 15 years, 181 days, has become a new Premier League record holder for being the Premier League’s

Owen praises Arsenal mentally stronger than before

Former England striker Michael Owen has lauded Arsenal for being able to return to the top of the Premier League and believes. They are mentally stronger than they were a few years ago. The UFABET report The Gunners Just lost the first game. Of the season in a visit to Manchester United at Old

Conte hails Dier ‘s continued development

Spurs manager Antonio Conte has praised defender Eric Dier for having elevated himself to one of the best defenses in the Premier League . The UFABET report Spurs remain one of the three clubs unbeaten this season. And the latest game, they have won another game from the home opener, slashing Fulham

Conte confident Son can come back to score

Spurs boss Antonio Conte remains confident that star player Son Heun-min will return to scoring. Although there are no goals this season. The Premier League’s top scorer last season Starting this year with no goals scored in all eight games in all competitions, but Conte still believes his players

Richarlison opens up about leaving Everton to join Spurs

Spurs striker Richarlison has spoken about his decision to leave Everton during the transfer window due to the team’s lack of motivation. Focus on winning the championship The Brazil star became a £60 million owner when he joined Spurs this season. After playing with Everton for a full four years, most

Rudiger reveals sadness and surprise Tuchel was sacked

Antonio Rudiger has admitted he is both sad and surprised to see former boss Thomas Tuchel sacked as Chelsea manager. But was sacked less than a month after the transfer window closed, Tuchel spent a lot of money on new players, including the arrivals Wesley Fofana

Gambling History and Origin of Baccarat

Gambling has been a popular pastime for centuries. Games like baccarat trace their origins back to the Middle Ages. Today, baccarat is loved by players all over the world. both in person and online If you are looking for a way to win real money at baccarat. Read our

Dragon Tiger Card Formula make real money

In this section we will talk about techniques. Or the Dragon Tiger Card formula for playing Tiger and Dragon cards online make real money and has a greater chance of winning than a random bet which is a novice gambler or casino master can apply this technique In playing Dragon Tiger, let’s

How to play Tiger and Dragon cards

How to play How to play Tiger and Dragon cards It is very similar to how to play Baccarat, only how to play Dragon Tiger cards. Will decide the result of losing and winning with 1 card, not showing the 2nd or 3rd card like Baccarat. with

Get to know Dragon Tiger cards

Dragon Tiger cards, also known as Dragon Tiger is a casino card game that is considered easy to play and takes the least amount of time. which originated from Cambodia Which has been received so well that the Dragon Tiger game has spread to casinos around the world,